Meet Our Team

Meet the Caring and Compassionate People of Story Road Animal Hospital

As with most things in life, it’s the people who make the difference – and it’s the people who matter most. Thanks to our incredibly loyal clients who refer friends, family, coworkers and neighbors, our hospital continues to grow. We are eternally grateful. We couldn’t do it without you.

And we couldn’t do it without our dedicated staff – many of whom have worked here for several years. When you bring your pets to our animal hospital, you’ll feel a warmth and familiarity that is hard to find in these days of big-box corporate veterinary medicine. Please stop by to meet our staff…our family. We’d be delighted to see you!

No Appointment Necessary. Walk-Ins Always Welcome! You’ll find us at 1241 Story Rd., San Jose, CA 95122 or call 408-292-6600.

Meet Our Veterinarian

Ronald Weiner, DVM

Practice Owner

Dr. Weiner grew up in a lower income area of Los Angeles. He understands the financial challenges and is committed to serving all pet owners in our Latino and Little Saigon communities of South San Jose.

He has been working for 30+ years as a small animal veterinarian and practice owner in Santa Clara County. He studied at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and interned at Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital spending three years working under various specialists. He is a longtime supporter of the local Bill Wilson Center, and has sponsored dozens of students through his own work/study programs at Story Road Animal Hospital.

When not working at the animal hospital, he enjoys hiking and cycling. He travels frequently to Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita. He lives with his wife, Deborah, and their German Shepard, Maggie.

In his own words:

“Working at Story Road Animal Hospital represents the fulfillment of a desire I have to give back to the community we serve. This veterinary hospital is somewhat unique in the valley, as our prices are significantly lower than other veterinary clinics in South San Jose and our staff proudly represents the community in their heritage, lifestyle and language. It has been an honor to serve the pet owners in this community and to carry out the values that were initiated by Dr. Hoisen, the original owner. I’d like to personally welcome you to stop by our neighborhood hospital anytime during open hours. We’d be delighted to meet you.”

Meet Our Staff


In her own words:

“In this type of work environment, there are times that I feel very vulnerable, but then those feelings are compensated when I get to watch the patients going home for good. It’s a great feeling – that we were able to make a difference.”

“I feel fantastic when I go out into the lobby and people smile when they see me – recognize me, and vice versa. It’s very special to work in a place where people are always telling us how great and fantastic we are.”


Esmeralda was born in California and grew up between California and Mexico. Her dad has a huge farm with lots of animals where she learned to love them all. She has been working at Story Road Animal Hospital since 2006. She has a warm and wonderful way with our clients and their pets. She loves to go out into the lobby and chat with the clients to make sure they feel as welcome in our hospital as they would in her home.

In her own words:

“Being surrounded by animals while growing up, and now in my career, is the best experience…ever. I figure if I were a client, I would like someone to gently handle and truly care for my pets the way they are cared for here at Story Road Animal Hospital. Since I’ve been working here for over nine years, I’ve had the opportunity to build long term relationships with many of our clients. Clients place trust and confidence in me every time they bring in their pets. This is so important to me. I will never take it for granted.”


Mariana started volunteering at Story Road Animal Hospital in 2006. She was hired as our receptionist in December 2009. She was born in South San Jose and has lived on the east side of San Jose her entire life. She has two dogs of her own, a Labrador Retriever named Maya, and an Australian Cattle Dog named Taco.

She is currently a full-time student at both Evergreen Valley College and San Jose City College. She would like to transfer to San Jose State University in the spring of 2016 pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. During her free time, she dances with an Aztec dance group named Movimiento Cultural Anahuac here in San Jose.